Community Involvement

As part of Western Health’s commitment to providing excellent care to the people of Melbourne’s west, members of the community are being encouraged to have their say.

Western Health has established a Consumer Carer and Community Register for those who are interested in providing input into Western Health's policies, programs and services from a consumer perspective.

One of the founding members of the 100 Sunshine initiative, Clive Pattie said he now knows the importance of community input in helping shape local hospitals, having spent so much time at both Sunshine and Western Hospitals in recent years.

“I’m a great believer in people. The ones that help you out deserve your help in return in any way you can give it to them, If that means giving up some time to give feedback to help them improve where they can, then it’s worth every second.” Clive said.

Anyone who is not a Western Health staff member can join the Consumer Carer and Community Register, from a current or former patient, a family member or a carer of someone who has received care at Western Health to people simply interested in healthcare issues and improving services.

As a member of the Consumer Carer and Community Register you may be asked to provide feedback or make suggestions on how Western Health can improve the services we deliver to our community.

Western Health has a number of positions for consumers on our internal committees and advisory groups, to cater for a broad range of interests

  • Best Care for Older Patients Advisory Group
  • Cultural Diversity and Community Advisory Committee
  • Clinical Governance Committee
  • Drug and Alcohol Advisory Group
  • Disability Advisory Group
  • Cancer Service Tumour Groups
  • Nutrition Committee

Those involved will also be asked if they would like to be a member of our consultative panel known as the Consumer, Carer and Community Network. If you are a resident of the Western Suburbs, 18 years or over and are interested in any of the areas above or would like to find out more please call Assunta Morrone, Manager Community Participation and Cultural Diversity 8345 1302 or email


What is 100 Sunshine?

Western Health has brought together 100 positive stories with a particular focus on Sunshine Hospital. These are the stories of patients, staff and volunteers who take great pride in their hospital and health service and want to share their positive experiences. They have founded a network aimed at building pride and confidence in Sunshine Hospital and Western Health. The lives of thousands of patients and their families and friends are linked to experiences at Sunshine Hospital and Western Health each day, which has lead to some colourful stories that we hope you enjoy.

How it started

Sometime ago, a group of former patients of Western Health were invited to take part in an Allied Health forum held at a Western Health hospital. Between them, these patients had spent more than 18 months either in or receiving treatment through Sunshine, Western and Williamstown Hospitals.



Ian Dodemaide was one of the patients and he told the forum that he becomes upset if he sees negative coverage of Western Health and its hospitals because, after his own experience, he believes “…our hospitals are as good as any. The people we have here are brilliant. It’s got to be demoralising when you see the negative articles at times. You’re wonderful people and you’re human. You do a job that can be thankless at times. You have other people’s health at heart. Thank you the lot of you. The whole family will always think a hell of a lot of you,” Ian told those gathered at the forum.



Clive Pattie was another of the patients speaking at the forum. Clive said he thought the world of the allied health, nursing and medical teams who cared for him in ICU and later at Williamstown and at Sunshine Hospital rehabilitation ward.

“I had a fabulous time at Sunshine. There was a lot of camaraderie and a great team,” Clive told the forum. “The trust, rapport and respect that we had amongst us and with the staff was wonderful. You’ve all got this incredible energy and I felt blessed to be a part of this group.”


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